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Kitchen Mama Microwave Cleaner

Kitchen Mama Microwave Cleaner

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Does your microwave need cleaning? Is there dirt on dirt that takes a long time and a lot of elbow grease to scrub? Live dangerously (Not really, you'll be completely safe) and watch as Kitchen Mama blows her top and does all the hard work for you. 

You just have to add water and vinegar and place in the microwave for 5-8 minutes in high heat, then you only need a sponge, a rag or a napkin and all the dirt comes off.

Please keep in mind that steam takes about 2 minutes to erupt from the top of Kitchen Mama's head when she gets angry.


  • Made of thick and durable plastic it will not melt in your microwave and will last a long time
  • The cover easily removes with a wide opening for easy filling
  • The double wall base helps the exterior stay cool and allows you to easily hold and remove Angry Mama

Watch out though! The content will be hot immediately after use.




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